10 Tips to deal with and protect yourself from emotional abuse or manipulation in relationships !

Hey my Mj’s!
Today I wanted to tackle emotional abuse and manipulation.Indeed I’ve been suffering from that for many years by my mother .Now, I have developed mechanism to protect myself and keep my sanity .So I figured I would share with you my 12 tips to deal with and protect yourself from emotional abuse or manipulation .

1-Know your worth ! As soon as you realize how worthy you are , you will come to terms with the fact that you can’t accept status quo anymore and that you have to be respected !You deserve to exist , to share your opinion , to stand in your truth, to have a clothing style , to be successful and most importantly to be respected , loved and cherished !
2 Choose joy and do what you love : doing what you love is the perfect escape to stay sane and away from the toxicity of a relationship
3love yourself enough to set clear boundaries : Saying NO is your right not their game!

4-Identify the red flags(such as making you feel guilty,disrespecting your needs ,opinions ,friendly tone to get something,playing emotional games,praising you from conformity) taught limiting beliefs and reassess what your needs or values are .
5-refuse to compromise on your values
6-Communicate but Keep your secret garden and don’t tell big dreams to small minds as the saying goes!
7-Create a positivity,love and self-care bubble

8-Separate yourself from this environement/person as often as possible or altogether temporarily if needed
9-Listen to your heart and intuition and don’t fall into their game ,silence is sometimes the wisest answer

10 Enforcing your boundaries if needed and the way you deserve to be treated
11 Be unapologetically selfull facing manipulation or emotional abuse and focus on what matters to you , your goals ,dreams and priorities.So concentrate on YOUR To-do-list not theirs!
12- Create a life on your own terms ,Do you and Be bold enough to be yourself !

However, be careful and mindful of your own behavior because as the saying goes : hurt people hurt people ;and you never know when those patterns you dread the most are those you’re mindlessly doing !
So what about you ? Feel free to share with me your experiences and lessons learned in the comments below !
Last but not least, I want you to know that it is not OK and that you’re not alone , don’t stay in your silent suffering love 🙂

Mary Jokes;)



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