Don’t apologize for your authenticity !

Hey My Mj’s !
So often shame creeps in , and what should be a great discussion turns into a shameful moment . What’s the point of hiding your authentic self ? Don’t apologize for your authenticity !

In fact, if you have a particular interest in Something then share it, rather than being completly akward when people ask you about what you love and who you trully are . I think we are afraid of rejection, afraid of not fitting in , afraid of being unworthy of attention but you have an inner-diamond and your values and unique personality type , you’re worthy of being discovered !
So please don’t apologize because wear , an original outfit or hairstyle or are in particular way ! Let’s be bold enough to be ourselves and shine fully !
You have Nothing to be afraid of , you rock and are magical !

Enjoy 🙂
Mary Jokes;)



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