10 tips on how to deal with feeling depressed !

Hey my Mj’s !
Do you feel like the situation or state of mind you’re in ,is the end of the world ? Hang in there beautiful , you have everything within you to be happy you have to remember that you are stronger than you think and Nothing is impossible if you set you mind into it !
Mother theresa, Mandela, King , all these legends had their fair of lows and moments when they thought they could not do more , be more but look they suceeded and you will succeed as well !

1- Remember all the things you have overcome in the past , and I am not simply talking of the big victories but also the small ones , the victories of the mind when you didn’t let your ego decide for you and you pushed through !YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK , DON’T LET FEAR WIN !
2- Remember of all the situations you thought was the end of the world and God showed you that you are the sun !Trust in him and make him a priority because he loves you unconditionally !
3- Be Grateful, Come back to your Truth and let go of all your masks !YOU ARE LOVE and LIGHT
4- Let the Rainbow come into your life with various colors and flavors , stay curious and keep your mind alert for the daily lessons and discoveries
5- You have the opportunity to have time , energy , education and to be alive don’t underestimate it and celebrate life everyday by doing what you love
6- Be present and Create a good support system around you ! Life is too short to be around people we don’t like !

7- Discover your various talents and let them shine into your life and others’
8- Serve and open your heart to others’ pain
9- Remember that you are unique and owe to yourself to explore your full potential and live your life fully
10- feel all your emotions and then come back to your dreams , ambitions and goal setting: remember that life is too short to waste this precious time and that there is always worse than us and better than us and that comparison is the thief of joy !<3<3<3 and YOU ARE NOT ALONE , WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER MY FRIEND !
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Mary Jokes;)



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