Self-acceptance : Anxiety

Hey my Mj’s ! I wanted to share with you my Journey towards serenity and my struggles with Anxiety.
Indeed, Even though I feel like I have improved a lot and allowed myself to let go of certain things , I still have those days when I simply won’t let go and set really high expectations of myself and when I see myself not meeting these expectations ; I simply freak out .
My Anxiety dates back to school , when I had dyslexia and I would try to catch up and my teachers won’t budge but the Truth is that I wanted to feel normal .
Now that I worked on this and I am even in an English major now and that’s amazing , but right now I feel like my anxiety is linked to my need to control everything despite my disease which forces me to let go of control and to go with the flow instead .Moreover , God’s word is helping me to stand still and know that he cares for me ; But I am getting there and I wanted to encourage you as well , if you’re dealing with some sort of anxiety to keep fighting ,and to remind you that we are all in tis together and that you are not alone !


Mary Jokes;)



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