Just because you’re fighting an unique battle ,doesn’t mean you’re less valuable!

Hey my Mj’s !
Sometimes , We may ask why us , why this battle , why now but we have to ask ourselves why not us ! It’s easy to feel less valuable because you feel like nobody has to deal with the stuff you’re dealing with . However, awareness is the first step and so many of us, are now aware of these issues which others can hide and refuse to face or acknowledge as we do . Moreover, acceptance is key , as we decide to accept this new roadblocks on our way , we turn them into dust and obtacles become set ups !
So just because you’re fighting an unique battle doesn’t mean you’re less valuable ! Indeed it is time to say at least I am aware of it , I acknowlege it, I accept it and I am trying to take action to fight this battle ; and this my friend is a daily Victory !
We can all rise if we decide to let go of the why me and choose the why not me ! Perhaps this battle is making me who I am today , making me stronger and wiser! You have your own gifts and maybe they not what you thought they were but it doesn’t matter because you have your unique gifts and no matter the battle you are fighting you can combat self-doubt by deciding that this fight won’t make you weak but strong , it won’t make you stressed but calm and it will give you this extra-dimension this warrior dimension that can inspire anyone to open their eyes and fight head on !
So , today let’s decide that we let go of self-pity to focus on our happiness, what matter the most to us and makes of us someone extra-special !You ‘re amazing and valuable my friend , never forget that !

Mary Jokes;)



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