My word of November : Effective at Uni and Creative at home !

Hey my Mj's ! It's already november , it goes so fast I can't even believe it ! So this month I decided to be effective at Uni and more Creative at home ! Enjoy 🙂 Mary Jokes;)


My new wellness guide : 15 Habits of Daily self-care !

Hey my Mj's ! Here's my new Wellness guide : 15 Habits of daily self-care . Some of them might be already known but applying them daily is another game and in this guide I will provide you with practical tips to do so ! Enjoy:) Mary Jokes;)

Thumbs up my dear48!

Hey my Mj's ! How are you? Today let's do my famous episode of thumbs up my dear , as I didn't post it this wenesday as I would usually do . 1-Country music 2- Our shared shelf 3- My fally playlist 4- Warm sent candles and my essantial oils diffuser … Lire la suite Thumbs up my dear48!