Let go of gossiping , revenge,violence and negativity !

Hey my Mj’s!
How is it all going ? Personnally , I feel a little better as I can now sleep earlier and it’s easier to walk with those crushes so I am super grateful for that !
Today’s message is basically to let go of gossiping , revenge, violence and negativity!
Now I am not saying that these are easy things to let go of especially if it has become a habit but don’t let it define you !
You have so much more to give to the world , than critics or violence ! It is time to pursue your dreams fully and that might mean refusing mediocrity and I believe it all starts with our thoughts and attitudes !
These seem short-term gain but they are long term pain !
You deserve so much better ! Don’t fall into that trap !
Now you might wonder , well if I don’t gossip what should I talk about , well you can be genuienly interested in someone and discover their passions and their dreams and share yours and the way you see the world !
topics related to growth not hate .
So the next time ,you catch yourself gossiping , ask yourself is it Worth it and let me tell you often time it is absolutly not . Moreover our words are the mirrors of our soul and those habits are detrimental to our well-being and happiness. Thus, I decided to let go of all these bad tendencies and replace them by peaceful and positive habits and so can you !

Enjoy 🙂
Mary Jokes;)



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