You’ve got Nothing to lose : Be Honest !

Hey my Mj’s ! Today I simply wanted to send you this message and it is : Be honest( by the way , here’s a picture of my view :take it in ,because quite frankly it is absolutly gorgeous)
. Now this (the importance of being honest)is Something ,that I have learned the hard way; because I was a kind of chronic liar . I would lie to fit in , because I felt like I wasn’t interesting enough !In fact, I would lie all the time and about all sort of things but Something I have learned is that : A lie is simply a trap for your own happiness and acceptance . The moment you decide to stop the lies , you open up the doors for a magical adventure . Now that doesn’t mean that it is Something you always do overnight because in some cases like I was , lying was so engrained in my habits that the Truth was odd and plain . I needed some time to finally decide that
-Lying was hurting others
-lying was taking mental energy
-lying was hurting myself and dis-serve myself
So I am now an advocate of the Truth . Besides , telling the Truth is not only giving you credit and confidence but it also helps you learn responsability and accountability !
So stop the lies, and start to be honest because you’ve got honestly Nothing to lose .Now as everyone I am not perfect, but I decided to do the best I can and so can you !Girl boss quote 1

Enjoy 🙂
Mary jokes 😉


4 réflexions sur “You’ve got Nothing to lose : Be Honest !

  1. Michele Elkins-Hoffman dit :

    My incredibly poor self esteem, combined with a bit of neglect as a child led me to stretch the truth or plain old lie, for the very same reasons. I don’t lie anymore, at least intentionally. 🙂 I try quite hard, but sometimes-for whatever reason, the truth gets stretched. Bad habits die hard.


    • maryjokes dit :

      Yes I understand , It’s like a ghost that you try to chase and sometimes you feel discouraged ,so you stay with him and let him to hunt you . The good news is : you are in control and you have all the resources within you to turn it around ,and as you said you already did the first step so be nice on yourself and give yourself time to adjust to this new decision ! I feel you and I want you to know that you are not alone and that it is a constant fight ,but it is totally Worth it ! The moment when you let your raw self shine through , the right people will come into your life and from that one a lot of things will shift but it all start with you and you can be already proud of you for that big leap into the unknown . Getting out our comfort zone is never easy but always rewarding , So keep going ! Stay strong , I send you lots of love and support you with my whole heart on this Journey ! 🙂


    • maryjokes dit :

      Now when it comes to you self-esteem I have various posts that might help you , but notably one exercise and it is to write 10 I deserve sentences every morning let’s say for 15 days to start with and It will do wonders . When it comes to childhood trauma and pain , sometimes seing a therapost like I did is very helpful because it really help you to reflect and dig deeper and sometimes things that you didn’t even noticed buble up and you make incredible self-discoveries and it is really healing to . You can also walk in nature or journal that can help you remove or the layers , masks or lies and to reconnect with your authentic self , but you’re already on the path to recovery , keep shining !



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