Let’s be resilient enough to celebrate ourselves instead of self-sabotaging !

Hey my Mj’s !
Do you feel guilty to beat yourself up on your self-development Journey ? well so do I !
However , today let’s be gentler with ourselves and celebrate our uniqueness! Indeed On this self-development Journey , we embarked on , we want everything to be perfect ,but the Truth is : we all make mistakes
So how do we deal with this deception and mistakes and be resilient enough to celebrate ourselves instead of self-sabotaging !

Don’t call yourselves rubbish or zero and start to stay how much you are proud of you and know that the fact that you raise your awareness is already a good news . Besides , the fact that you will do the best you can is Something you can already be proud of and that Nothing stays identical unless you decide to !
So decide that you will reward yourself and celebrate yourself because you trully deserve self- love, self- careand self-respect but it is up to you to create this positive bubble !Moreover, Have you ever thought Something like : Damn why am I doing this again , well often we are criticing ourselves and are too harsh on ourselves and WE create this monster of the good conciousness that want you to be perfect and if you are less than perfect then you begin to be barsh on yourself . Self- sabotaging also comes Under another form and it is when you literally sabotage yourself out of fear of being somewhere you don’t belong to or when you feel unworthy of where you are at but girl it is time to realise that the only limits are the one you impose on yourself !Wake up girl !

You rock ! You deserve to be happy to feel fulfilled and to have good things in your life ! Sometimes we sabotage ourselves by letting our ego drive and not asking for help when you most needed it ! One major lessons I have learned is that asking for help is more courageous than pretending everything is fine ! You are human girl ! You’re not a robot Stop this zombie mode and come back to your authentic self !So I hope that it has help you acknowledge your feelings and realise where you might be self-sabotaging . It is time to choose empaphy , self-love and joy because you deserve it beautiful !

Mary Jokes;)



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