Stop trying to impress others!

Hey my Mj’s! How are you ?

Today we are going to talk about impressing others . Indeed , let’s stop trying to impress others ! For so long I ‘ve had this people pleaser mentality , where I would want to please and impress everyone but myself . Then, I realised that I would left my happiness and fulfillement behind , in order to serve order . The truth is by serving others you de-serve yourself where in reality this attention given to others must be given to yourself ,because you deserve it !
It is time to impress ourselves and be proud of ourselves by being who we truly are and shining authentically ,in the world .
There ‘s nothing wrong with the need to be loved we all have it but you should beware at the expense of what you put other’s happiness before your own . Making their desires a priority instead of yours . Now it doesn’t mean that you have to be always self-centered and all but you can find a middle where you help others while making sure that you put your happiness first , because at the end of the day this is your life , it is short , so you must live it fully !So stop trying to impress others and start to be proud of yourself and strive to improve yourself and be happy first and foremost .

Mary Jokes;)



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