Self-acceptance: A new diagnosis due to my chronic disease and the loss of a lifestyle .

Hey my Mj’s! I won’t ramble too much to introduce this topic and basically as the title said I have been told that I had Something more and it is OSTEOPOROSIS . At first I said no !no ! how is it possible I am only 27 but apparently the symptômes and issues don’t choose your age to appear .
In , fact, I have then learned that it was due to my disease because as I lack hormons in my body , the hormons to grow strong bones are lacking and so as a result I have a severe osteoporosis .Let me tell you that it hurt because with all the recent pain I have had it is like the cherry on top of this not healthy enough cake .
Now the worst is when they told me that i could not carry heavy things or jump and so I have to say Goodbye to my jump cardio sessions and I will stay with a soft salsa or swimming or walking .
The new lifestyle I have had envisionning for myself is now crumbling down and i need to reinvent myself again and right now I just pray that the Lord give me the strength to carry on . Hopefully blogging is still Something I can do and it keeps me hopefull but acceptance is sometimes harder and I might need more time , for the loss of the lifestyle I thought was possible . Yet I still have big Dreams such as being an international motivational speaker or a newyork best selling author or an English teacher and blogger ,I am just fighting right now resisting the why me questions and trying to trust god instead !But you my Mj’s you give me even more reason to keep fighting because I KNOW THAT I AM NOT ALONE and to all of you who are hurting too , I want to inspire you to find a light in that darkness and stay hopefull !
Enjoy 🙂
Mary Jokes;)



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