Self-acceptance : Body-image,health and eating disorders issues!

Hey my Mj’s! Let me peel another layer of my vulnerability ,and be completly honest with this soul to soul talk . Today I wanted to dive deep into the topic of body-image , health and eating disorders issues. Indeed , they matter and I have decided to acknowledge them and hopefully inspire you to accept them too!

When it comes to my body-image , I ‘ve never really asked that question until I gain a lot of weight and I AM TALKING OF 40 kilos here !
All of a sudden my body-image changed and I ‘ve started to realise this gap between how I thought I was and how I actually was which was really painful !
For some of us it’s that we are smaller than we picture and for others like me it is the other way around .The real struggle was when all my close could not fit anymore and that a guy in the street told me look down , big momma .
Then it has become worst because even though I did not take the insults and this could have been even worse if I took it as my truth !
Now I have to accept my new weight and that things are not the way they were before but I have the power to turn it around and that’s why I started a new fitness Journey , working-out daily and eating heathier.

When we talk about health I have noticed that I am now conscious that I deserve to treat my body as a temple and to have the best health possible !

Finally , eating disorders is Something we almost all resonate with because we know how it’s like to feel like a failure when we are not doing what we should .
But it is time to open our heart and go towards our pain and I think that for so many of us eating or controling what we are eating has been the best way to escape our pain and selves .
However, the good news is there is a middle where healthy eating is done out of love and passion to improve our own health !There are countless solutions out there but what about taking the time to tune in and to identify what is at play here, what is missing ?

Moreover, You are not alone struggling with eating disorders and we will fight our fears together beautiful !
Don’t hesitate to share with me your body -image , health or eating disorders issues !I care for you and want you to remember that you are worthy and precious !

Mary Jokes 😉



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