Thoughts on dealing with jealousy and possessivity!

Hey my Mj’s !

Today I wanted to express my thoughts on dealing with jalousy and possessivity .I think these are pivotal topics in all relationships because they can become detrimental and hurtful .

So I started by reflecting back upon my last Relationship and the fact that the boy I was with was immensely jealous and I became jealous too! His excuse was that he was italian and mine was I loved him so much I wanted to possess him .
The thing you’ve got to realise: what level of jealousy two people can mutually bare , and that’s the issue because I felt like he was way too jealous .
In fact, I didn’t realise at first that I was jaleous too and that I prevented him to hang out with girls as he did for me with boys.
Indeed, the issue is I had a denial of my own jealousy but when he stroke me I felt like we have to find a commonn ground and the lack of communication has been really tough .

When it comes to possessivity , I felt like as I havn’t had that much friend I would keep the one I had found for years and years and I wouldn’t want to let go of people and with my frienships I have slighty but slowly understood that things has to change that if they had other friends doesn’t mean they don’t like me or are going to go and that I wasn’t here to keep them in my prison but it was rather an exchange and than the more the merrier and new experiences could steam from that!
However, I do consider some of my friends as my sisters and that’s okay but I cannot shape them the way I want because they were someone before I came and they’re not my childrens but my friends .

Moreover, it has to do with my own insecurities and complex feeling not enough and trying to earn their love . Besides, you need to communicate if some past relationships trigger things in you such as an extreme jaleousy because you’ve been cheated on and someone can understand they but hey cannot reply to your invisible expectations reading your mind . If you love them and feel like you have this issue , well you can talk about it and turn this emotional chaos into love and order!

So , for me :it was a tough pill to swallow :to let people be free .However, I now realise is god will put the right people on your way . Nevertheless, if you clang on to painful friendships and toxic people rather than letting it go; you close the door for these new sunshines to come in your life !

So it is a Journey and we can make the decision to be more accepting and loving and open up our hearts to richness of relationships !

Mary Jokes;)



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