5 Keys on being a bad player and how you can turn it around!

Hey my Mj’s!
The other day I was playing to a blindtest, and my team were second in the game; but a girl in the team was very sour about it ,and I thought here’s a valuable lesson of wisdom to explain and hopefully if you resonate with it , It ‘ll allow you to have a brand new Outlook about it.

1- Breathe, It is not the end of the world : Jut because you loose a little game doesn’t mean you’ve lost everything .It is just a game and as her little brother who was there too said the important is to participate and e had a lot of fun playing »(kids are our biggest teachers).
2- Quit trying to impress others : when we are bad players we often want to inform others that we refuse the situation and that it is unfair but the real unfairness is the other people who also lose and have to deal with your behavior and especially lack of self-control
3- be honest with yourself : Do you really need to make a fuss about this little game , remember life is too short and the time you spend complaining is wasted .
4– Quit the stories of a loud reaction : It is okay to feel a bit frustratde when you lose a game but there is a divide betweenn being silently frustrated and getting loud aboud it ,wisdom dwells in the art of stillness.
5– Stay classy and fairplay

A game by definition have winners and losers .
So let’s stay classy and fairplay following the rules and there will always be dumb people that think that cheating will get them Something like a step ahead in their life ,but come on you know it’s just a good time to pass and it will come and go it is just a game and you should rather be grateful for the experience instead of chosing anger and violence in lieu of escape !
Come on smile and move on beautiful !

Mary Jokes



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