3 keys on school Friendships ,going back to school!

Hey my Mj’s! How are you ? Tell me in the comments If you went back to school already and if not when ,and your first thoughts or how you feel about it !Today ,I wanted to talk about: friendships at school .Here are 4 keys on school friendships! So without further ado ,let’s jump right in !

1- Look at the people around you and if some behavior are already Against your values such as smoking ,well don’t go with people you don’t feel 100% yourself with!

2- Be aware of the kind of frienship you want and the quantity .For instance , if you’re not feeling good in huge groups don’t try to fit in one right away or if you like home girls nights and tea talks, and not big parties make sure to be with the right people !

3- Lesson learned : Smile /Some frienships are seasonal and others not: you must deal with it anyway!

Enjoy 🙂
Mary Jokes;)



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