10 inspiring lessons I’ve learned from the book Gulliver’s travels by Jonathan Swift!

Hey my Mj’s ,here are : 10 inspiring lessons learned at the moment from the book :

A-Every detail counts and everyone matter and can bring Something to the table
B- We shouldn’t let our ego drive BUT rather open our hearts to others
C-we attract what we put out there
D- everyone might need help someday and frienship is a rewarding and valuable adventure in itself
E- travelling is an amazing helper towards self-discovery
F- We become ensnared by our negative thoughts and our imagination can be either a blessing or a curse !
G- we all have our gifts and talents but it’s the way we percieve them and use them that makes all the difference !
H- We all have obstacles or giants along the way but we can use it for or Against us !
I- Observing our life is not enough ,we should take our courage to become the giants or leaders of our life !
J- There’s always Something bigger able to see ahead and can guide us through our hardtimes and we should trust in him : a higher power source ,the universe,GOD!

Mary Jokes;)



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