5 keys on how to deal with back to school anxiety!

Hey my Mj’s ! the ding of back to school is getting closer and closer . Indeed, back to school is right around the corner and you might feel some butterflies in your belly because you feel anxious .First there is absolutly Nothing to be afraid of and here is why with these 5 keys!

1- humans are going to meet with humans : SURPRISE ! So we know that other humans are flawed and FULL of INSECURITIES JUST LIKE YOU ! and they will think about them just like you. So they won’t judge you as harsh as you think!
2- The crowd you are going to meet are for the most part interested in the same topic ,aka your common major and how to make a good impression
3- School is an opportunity to learn educate yourself and grow !So you should be exited for all the wonders you ‘re going to discover!
4- You’ve got already all the supplies. So not only you’re going back to school but you ‘re also going back to success!
5- all pièces of informations will be handed or delivered to you ,So it is never too late to do your best !
So I hope these keys will help you realise that you should be exited instead of fearful and that everything will be fine ❤ !

Enjoy 🙂
Mary Jokes 😉



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