MjChallenge13: Dare to be vulnerable : share your anxiety or depression story with your friends !

Hey my Mj’s ! How are you ?

Today let’s dare to be vulnerable and share our darkest moments with our friends.In fact , chances are she’s been through that too or know someone who’s been there .SO you will realise that it happens and you are not alone but it is silenced because of shame .

One lesson I have learned is that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that we never know what someone has been through to be were he is today so we should gentle on others and on ourselves !
So I challenge you to do so , and it will bring connectivness , trust and peace into your Relationships!

Don’t hesitate to free yourself and share these in the comments below my Mj’s , because it matters to me<3 ! 😉

Mary Jokes;)



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