Mjchallenge11 : Raise your awareness to your unhappiness +2 Exercises!

Hey my Mj’s !
Too often we navigate our life on autopilote mode. As a result , we don’t take the time to be aware of our unhappiness . Infact, we see so many people complaining about what they are going through without changing a thing !
Let’s challenge ourselves to tune in and identify what and how we are feeling : are we happy , joyful and fulfilled or sad, frustrated , anxious and depressed.
These emotions matter and the more you will raise your awareness to them and more importantly do the all the changes that are needed.Once you identify what make you happy you will be able to put your energy towards these or use them as a reward .

It is also important to see if you are happy in your relationships because life is too short to waste our time !
When you dare looking at the pain and uncomfort things you are able to identify what goes wrong !
So I challenge you today to identify 5 things that make you happy and 5 things that don’t and write down why they don’t make you happy .At that point you will see common patterns in what makes you happy and you will be able to move the needle towards these .

You can be unhappy due to your environment , people pleasing tendancies .It can be your job or friendships or activities and if Something doesn’t fit your vision of happiness get rid of it or change it !

Now when it comes to our happiness it is also about our own contentment , So here ‘s an exercise you can do
write down 5 features, attributs or qualities of yourself, that you ought to become and would make you happy !

Now when you ‘ve had these ask yourself : where is the lie ? Basically , where is the quality that I put in there only to sound good or to impress myself but that I already have !

Now you will probably have four adjectives describing the person you want to be !
That’s your personnal goals, Work on them , right now !
and each month revise them and see what’s your new ones !
Unhappiness often steems from your daily choices ! So choose wisely ,choose to be happy !Indeed, You deserve to be happy don’t let anyone prevent you from being so !

Mary Jokes;)



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