Self-acceptance : diet without too much salt nor sugar , and not being able to work because of my health and feeling empty and tired of being sick and tired .

Hey my Mj’s ! Today I’m going to peel another layer of my vulnerability . The Truth is I am having a hard time cutting salt and sugar of my diet due to my disease and diabètes.
The Truth is I have always been, this girl who loves to eat like A LOT .
Having this need to put my health into priority is great but when it comes to the fact that I should not eat between meals , no snacks and the fact that a smoothie is considered as a desert that I can drink only as lunch as a desert shift a lot my habits . Moreover the need of meat in my diet is making me frustrated as I had even started to be vegan .
I think that when things are just coming to you way like that it disturbs all plans .

These new parameters are things I have never thought of and this feeling of being empty and tired of being sick and tired .
I am doing the best I can to be positive and choose joy but some things are just a tough pill to swallow.
Not to mention , a family that love to comment the fact that I am now « obese » and yes this is another thing because , when you see a big person you think she eats crap all day but what if she is Under cortisol and it increases her sugar level ,uhm ?
I am tired of feeling disconnected because people see me smiling and think that I am confident and have no insecurity or ugly tears but I do !

The fact that I can’t have a regular job and have to stay in my parents’ house for the summer might seem like the perfect holidays but it is a nightmare because I feel dependant and tired of being sick and tired .

Luckily I know that I am not alone and so many people are going through health issues .So I decided to start this self-acceptance Journey and to try to cast ALL my anxiety on the lord and make of these lemons a sparking limonade !
There are things I can no longer do or eat and side effects of my pills but I am determined to chase the rainbows and the spark of hope !

Mary Jokes 😉


2 réflexions sur “Self-acceptance : diet without too much salt nor sugar , and not being able to work because of my health and feeling empty and tired of being sick and tired .

  1. Michele Elkins-Hoffman dit :

    I was very moved my your candor. I want to tell you that you are PRECIOUS in the eyes of God. I want to say that screw what others think, they don’t know you and if they do know you then they should be giving you support, not derogatory remarks. I have been in your shoes as far as being overweight, and I was teased mercilessly as a child-until I finally developed anorexia. That was another nightmare that lasted 20 years. I know how it feels to be so incredibly uncomforable inside of your own skin. Your illness is not your fault. Write a list of your beautiful places, and take pride in the fact that YOU ARE FACING YOUR DEMONS and winning. Best of luck, kitten.


    • maryjokes dit :

      Oh dear thank you so much for your message of hope and courage ! God bless you , I needed this tonight just to keep fighting even more . It can be sometimes hard to « face our demons  » head on and to stay aligned with our true selves , in our darkest times and I am honored that you shared a bit of your story with me because it might have been really tough ! Eating disorders are really tough to deal with and you are stronger than you think too! Thank you my Mj’s for you support and message and beautiful comment that genuienly made my day and motivates me to keep fighting !I am so grateful of your presence my Mj’s !What about you , what are you dealing with or working on at the moment ? Much love !



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