Today is my Birthday:27 things I’ve learned at 27.

Hey my mj’s! I am still in the mountains but I ‘ve walked till the WiFi spot to post this!
So today I am 27,and I wanted to celebrate this day with you my diamonds.Indeed as I love you so much here’s 27things I have learned at 27.
1-every thing is learnable and can be improved
2- you don’t owe anything to anyone
3- you’ve got only one family
4-wisdom is hidden in your rock bottoms and every daily lessons
5- god knows the way, trust in him.
6-sleep is vital
7- if you buy healthy food you’ll eat healthy food

8-no matter what people say, you decide!
9-no one can treat you poorly
10-lies won’t bring you anywhere
11-some people might not like you and that’s OK
12-do more of what you love weekly
13-beauty is hidden in the little things
14-laughing is the best sport
15-lazyness is just making excuses
16-your time and energy are precious
17-the morning hours are the best in the day
18-nobody is perfect but we should aim at being our best self
19-don’t doubt your potential you are uniquely powerful
20-you can’t take someone else’s pain and some journeys must be taken alone
21-clean as you go!
22-you can empower yourself at every moment
23-everyone sees life through the prism of his own experiences
24- be patient with yourself
25-your mind is powerful and you can do anything you put your mind into
26-golden rule is key
27-be proud of who you are
Mary Jokes 😉



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