MJChallenge 3 : let go of your fears or do Something about it !

Hey my Mj’s ! There are so many things holding us back from our dream life .By the day , your dream life might not be the same as mine or others. Therefore, you need to define what it mean for you !

What about your fear of calling someone and asking him out .
What about the fear of appliying for a job only because you think you are too Young or too old
what about the fear of cutting someone out , only because you’ve known her for many years even though it hurts you all the time
what about emailing someone who might give you a chance, your chance
What about expressing your true self to the world
what about our fear of the spiders or bees
What about the fear of being not enough
what about dating a co-worker
what about missing the best moments of your family
what about starting Something BIG Something you always wanted to do
what about putting off your masks and putting on your soul
what about hanging out with nerds or like -minded people like you or people who have the same interests as you instead of hiding with fake people
what about admitting you were wrong
what about the fear of the blank page as I write this blogpost

In fact, we can overcome all these fears because our dreams are bigger than our fears and it is up to us to make the most out of the time we ‘ve been given on earth !

So I challenge you to put your fears aside and DO IT , this BIG DREAM in your mind deserve to be chased !Go for it and never never look back !

Enjoy 🙂
Mary Jokes;)



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