MJ Challenge 2 : Raise your self-image, self- esteem and confidence daily : I DESERVE …

Hey my Mj’s ! How are you beautiful ?! Today’s challenge is aiming at : raising your self-image, self-esteem and confidence with this exercise .

Indeed , every morning write 10 I deserve sentences : I DESERVE…
For instance , it could be :

– to love myself ,love and to be loved unconditionally
– to have good friendships and be happy
– to be healthy, to take care of myself
– to be noticed thanks to my uniqueness, inner power and overall beauty .
– to live my dreams , my dream job or dream life
– to say my opinion and my beliefs.
– to share my story
-to be treated with respect and care
– to be honest with myself
– to exist and show up authentically in the world .

So I hope these were inspiring and I challenge you to love you more each and every single day , we are in this together my Mj’s ! You are absolutly AMAZING !

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)



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