High Vibes thuesday : Find your high-vibes booster +10 ideas !

Hey my Mj’s! Today on the last episode of my High vibes series I thought I would let you celebrate your uniqueness even more . In fact, it is your turn  to find a high -vibes booster authentic to you !

A high -vibes booster is to me Something that makes you vibrates higher , make you light shine brighter , feel happier or having those stars in your eyes^^!

1- Reading or Writing

2- Creating Artistic things : Diys , art

3- Your passion (Singing, God ,  travelling, blogging, decorating , talking , English )

4-Inspiring YouTube videos

5-upbeat music , healthy food

6-special events like girls night or meetings

7-Talking to a friend around a good old cup of tea

8- Sharing your true self with the world

9- Expressing your opinion

10- Meeting new people with similar interests or not .

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)



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