Intentional living 12 ! Planning is key+ 7 things you can plan starting today !

Hey my Mj’s ! Happy Sunday !Today as I planned for the week I thought let’s touch upon this subject of planning because it is definetly key !

Indeed, living intentionally also means being Intentional with your time ! Indeed, Planning is truly life-saving

1- You can plan your days , weeks or months, years ahead

2- you can plan your meals

3- you can plan your cleanning

4- you can plan your clothes

5- you can plan your errands and shopping days or me time

6- You can plan your  posts or job or homework/ studies and assignments . In adition you can plan your meetings and activities , events or appointments.

7 – you can plan your gifts  especially when are you going to go buy them;)

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes 😉


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