Life update : Self-Acceptance + health update : Don’t let your Worth be based upon your Productivity !

Hey my Mj’s ! How is it going ? At this very moment when you are reading this post I might be still in hospital because I have had a huge check-up of a week starting the 23 !So in order to stay consistant I have pre-planned my posts since the 22 for the whole week so that I entirely take care of my health !

But as I write this post I knew that I would add more things while in hospital and I have thought about this feeling that I felt unworthy being unproductive .

So I wanted to adress this issue today AND wanted to know your thoughts on it !!

So the discussion continues in the comments box below !

First , being in hospital was the occasion to reasess where I needed to take care of me and to simply séparâtes from the people who do not deserve to be in my life and realise my Worth as well as, putting my health as a priority .
Now I am back home since yesterday evening and all I can tell , is it is hard to make people realise that I no longer want to be a people pleaser or to resist the temptations as a new diabetic type 2 , but this hope that if I sufficiently take care of myself I would avoid taking pills for the rest of my life !
I am really angry at some people that don’t understand that I cannot function the day I did and need a new ME , a new organization and new needs .
Today I am exhausted and so I am note able to write a lot but now I know that I have decided to respect my limits . Luckily , planification saved my life during this hard week .

So don’t hesitate to share with me what your thoughts are on this topic of feeling unworthy when we are unproductive .

But as I wrote these lines I remember myself that there is always worse and that it is never too late to be grateful and open our hearts !

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes 😉



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