Empowered self 11: Knowing your Worth : Striving for self-acceptance, self- care and self-love !

Hey my Mj’s ! Happy Friday ! Today in these Empowered self series let’s know our Worth : striving for self-acceptance , self-care and self-love . Indeed,  so often we let others decide for us or even let them give us our Worth but your Worth is already within you . You simply need to acknowlege and know it . The firsts steps are through self-acceptation . As a matter of fact, when you are going to realise that your acceptation opens up the doors of your Worth .You embark on this Journey to put off the masks and acceot you as you are and celebrate your uniqueness.However, it is not always easy and might need some tuning in moments , through meditation or journaling for instance . Moreover, the EGO is truly your ennemi when it comes to accept yourself and it might mean that you can’t do it all and that you need a positive support system  or some help.

Self -love on the other hand is coming to terms with the fact that you are enough and are loved . You can start loving the great parts of yourself but it becomes tough to love our flaws and our imperfections which makes us human. Loving ourself might also mean taking the personal responsability to take care of ourself mind body and soul and be self-respecting as well .

What is more the words that have been spolken onto us are smeimes the hardest to get rid of especially because as we internalize them they become our realty and we are then uncapable of seing our light and gifts but rather focusing on our imperfections and the things we cannot control .

Taking care of us is also pivotal and the way we take care of ourselves mind body and soul might also indicate our level of self -love and knowing that we are diamond is therefore crucial.

Knowing your Worth might be also the necessity to  expect respect in return and to know when your value is lost in bad relationships such as unsatisfying friendships or abusive love parteners  or overwhelming and disrespectful members of your family for instance.

So knowing our Worth is vital when it comes to atract the right people in our lives and empower ourself in order to shine brighter !




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