Life experiences : Bullying, Jugements, Discriminations or Racism at school are not OK ! This has to STOP !

Hey my Mj’s ! Today’s message is clear ! Just because everyone is doing it does not mean you have to follow the crowd . Most importantly be aware of the people you hang out with , Indeed  these people that makes you group feel like Queens and others feel like crap ! I have been there and trust me , you must get out of these hierarchies as quickly as you possibly can before they corrup you and make you feel that these things are OK while THEY ARE ABSOLUTLY NOT .

When I was in high school I use to defend all the marginalized people and to sit alone and refuse evryone else’s pity but the thing is it hurts when you have to reach this point because of the unacceptable !

I have also had my fair of These when  people would gently  insult and bully me in link with the fact that I was a  poor,too nice, shy , black,girl and felt that it was ok to make me live in hell. having shivers thinking of going to school and wanting so stay hidden in the toilets all day long .

So people that thinks that those things are OK must look in the Mirror and start to set the example instead . The same goes with the victims that now go to the other side and bully others to feel righteous about hat they ve been through ! WAKE UP ! NO ONE DESERVE TO BE TREATED AS SUCH ! THIS HAS TO STOP !

Let’s spread love not hatred !

You too can make this stop, not falling into this banalization trap  , remember that our diversity is our richness and strentgh . Come on my Mj’s , let’s set the example together  and make this concious decision and set this intention , that we can spread love , joy and peace instead of hurt ,  sorrowful days and  hate !


Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)




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