High Vibes Thuesday 10 ! 5 tips to develop an inspiring vision that motivates you !

Hey my Mj’s ! Today in this High vibes Thuesday , let’s talk about the importance of an inspiring vison . Indeed , it can motivate you to move forward in your lives and help you raise your vibrations as a challenge comes by .

1-Identify your desires and what you want to accomplish or dream of ! When you have identified what you want to accomplish and what your dreams are it creates the basis of your vision !Moreover, don(t hesitate to dream big

2-Create your vision bord and look at it daily: Indeed, it can be fun and  don’t have to feel boring ! All you have to do is to create a vision board night when you gather with your friends around a good meal or little snacks  and create yours !

3-Be specific : Create a goal tracker and check it daily. In fact, creating a goal tracker is amazing when it comes to getting things done and move towards your dreams!

4-Stay inspired and feed your vision! Indeed keeping your creative juice flowing is important when it gets to your vision and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done !

5- Don’t hesitate to switch things up as you evolve , things that might be on your dream bord years ago are not needed in the present , Changing is normal and these new views  must be taken into account as your ambitions and interests evolve.

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)




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