Intentional living10 : Empowering others !

Hey my Mj’s !Happy Sunday ! How are you ? We are back with this Intentional living series . So , as you know this blog is designed to empower You my Mj’s ; and to help you on your self-development Journey ,and to learn from your life experiences .

Today let’s reverse the roles ^^ . I want you to realise that you have a wealth of wisdom within you , and can help the people around you with your own life experiences and growth Journey . Let’s set the intention to be a circle of Empowered people that truly get to grow together !

You are usefull , you might have been going through things I havn’t and your eye on things is needed . Perhaps of you have been bullied or have had a loss or have had suicidal thoughts or anxiety , all your experiences is invaluable .

Perhaps my talks on let’s say suicide might be interesting but YOUR VOICE might prevent someone to act on this ! So you need to understand that you matter as well and are as equally important as every single one on this earth but can make a life-saving diference !

I want to empower  you , so that you can empower others who can empower others and somehow in this circle someone who has been Empowered can save someone else’s LIFE!

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)



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