8 lessons learned on healing from trauma+inspo to keep fighting !


Hey my Mj’s! Traumas are never an easy thing, and we feel like plunge in this endless storm of self-dissapointment and frustration. Not to mention a huge sadness and ocean of tears !It can be a loss , bad diagnosis , accident , break-up, divorce, separation ,personnal issues. So , I am here to help with these 8 lessons learned!

1- your Healing power comes from within and  each one has its own Healing process or its rythm

2- Don’t belittle your emotions and your issue . For instance ,cry if needed !

3- raise your awareness on how you talk about it!if you say my boyfriend instead of my EX, for example :  there is some Healing left !

4- Realise that the past is the past and it is time to focus on your present and what you can control

5- have a good and positive  support system ready to help you see the beauty in life and clinging on your dreams,remember yourself that God is with you and you can always refer to him !He loves you and cares for you !

6- talk about it to someone , therapy predjudices aside can be tremendously helpful

7- Remember  yourself that you are not alone ,soo many people are on the same boat as you and find ways to choose joy and so can you! I am with you beautiful and send you love and Healing from the bottom of my heart !<3

Look even someone like Cara delevigne has her lows too

8-See the nugget of wisdom hidden in your trauma !


Now let us be inspired by a wonderful talk from dr Peterson

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes 😉



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