High vibes Thuesday 09 : Your smile is hidden in your food !

Hey my Mj’s! Have you ever felt like low energy, slumpy and not really positive ?

Well you food might be correlated to that . In fact, I have realised that the healthier I eat , the better I feel . Not only eating healthy provides me with all the nutrients my body craves but it gives me a happier mood and makes me feel more energized and positive.

Fun fact: I have drunk a orange strawberry smoothie before taking my driving test and I literally nailed it ! and every time I ‘ve eaten healthier , I ‘ve had awesome results !

Now I know that, it might seem daunting to : include fruits and veggies in your diet ; but it ridiculously easy. For instance , you can start with a breakfast smoothie , mixing up lots of greens with oranges such as spinach  , then continue on to lunch with salads and fruits and yogurt deserts , also having a veggies and houmous snack and a great soup as a diner !

However , I have noticed that once I had some fats and not whole foods I felt completly tired and uninspired ! but the good news is there are no excuses to make as you are responsible of what you put in your mouth 😉 So choose wisely my friends!

Therefore ,if you feel like you need of bit more Sunshine in your day well fruits and veggies are the way, to go .I encourage you, and I know you can do it !





Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes 😉





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