Intentional living 09 : choose self-love , and self- compassion over beating yourself up and move forward !

Hey my Mj’s! Happy Monday !Today’s message is to choose self-love ,and self-compassion over beating yourself up and move forward !

« No one on this earth can be you, so don’t blame yourself to be a beautiful human being, mistakes happen but they lead us to the path of growth and when we empower ourselves to deal with the magical AND flawed nature of being human , we open the gates of our hearts for wisdom , love and light! » Mary Jokes.

Indeed, so often we spend our time replaying the match in our heads and beating ourselves up , Today send yourself love and compassion and remember that you are doing the best of what you can with what you have ! For instance, I often feel guilty of not being grateful enough if I catch myself complaining but the Truth is we are all human therefore flawed and  not perfect .

The same goes when we realise that we have Fallen into the comparaison trap or came back to our people pleasing tendencies or go back to someone who isn’t good for us and feeling sort of guilty afterwards . We can use these experiences as a lesson and move forward !As a matter of fact , Beating yourself up is a time-waster and once you become Intentional of reducing its impact then life gets easier !

In fact, there is going to be some  blocks along the road but we can deal with it with love and compassion  and focus on what we can do or control and a good attitude is the first thing ! Live your joy and relax , you are not alone and don’t worry , you’ve got this and everything will be fine !A diamond is shining within you ;and it’s  brighter than you think beautiful !Much love !!



Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)





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