Don’t let your emotions define you !

Hey my Mj’s ! How are you ! Today on this french national day I just wanted to send you a quick though valuabe message : Don’t let your emotions define you !

Just because the situation you are in makes you angry or depressed or shy doesn’t mean it defines you as such . Indeed, So often we let our emotions define us and believe it as a Truth . The real Truth is failing at maths for instance doesn’t make you a failure , because you have your unique gifts and it might not be dealing with figures !

So the next you are introducing yourself think about it , and reflect : is this an emotion or a real part of my personality ? Is this the way I percieve myslf or the way I truly am ?

Just bcause you are stressed ou in certain situations does not mean you are a stressed person and we all have our thrill of stress when it comes to exam or Something we truly care about or for our driving tests for instance !

Developping yourself , also mean  gaining maturity , stoping impressing others ; seeking your authentic self and working on yourself as well !

So , don’t be upset life has some waves but you decide : if you want to surf them and learn from your experiences or to stay passive  and let it go by being full of regrets aftrwards ! It’s up to you beautiful .





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