You are unique and limitless !

Hey my Mj’s ! How are you? Today, let me remind you ,that : you are unique and limitless!

Indeed , too often we tend to compare ourselves ,with others ;  and often time: a little tiny detail may triggers us . Consequently , we see ourselves wallowing in those bad spirals ,feeling not enough , not rich enough , not healthy enough for instance. However, what if we took this very time, to appreciate and love ourselves unconditionally and wholeheartedly .

What if we came to terms with the idea that we are unique and what we have been through is our own story and some people might not have to go through it . That our circumstances made us grow and more mature and that others have no idea what we’ve survived to . What if we stop judging others too , because we have no idea of the behind the seem and that a huge smile does not always mean what it seems .Let’s start to focus on the beauty of our uniqueness and remember ourselves that we are one of a kind and that we can bring Something special to the table! Let’s take our power back and behave intentionally with courage , love and respect starting with ourselves .

Don’t forget that you are unique and limitless , only you know what is hidden within you and should bubble up at the surface !You have the power to turn it all around , rewritting your story and know that no matter what is around you , as long as you stay aligned with your soul , You can only move forward and change things for the better in your life . By being anapologetically yourself and celebrating your uniqueness you open all doors and show your full potential , sharing your gifts with the world !Don’t limit yourself ! You can do anything you put your mind into !



Mary Jokes 😉



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