Intentional living and money 04!

Hey my Mj’s !happy monday ! Today in our series let’s  talk about money .

Money is Something we all need at one point ,in order to pay our bills , to travel , to do some errands and building our wardrobe, buying some gas/petrol to put in the car  . However , have you ever wondered how Intentional you were regarding money.

The first intention that comes to my mind is saving and investing money as a means to make it florish . Second, I truly consider going frugal , to save more money or even to buy intentionally and avoiding the trap of huge sales but rather buying second hand .Third,I track my expenses and I make sure to budget every parts of it and check my account regularly !In addition it is truly important to be conscious of our limiting beliefs toward money and how we take a step back to re-write new rules .

This topic of money is Something I am more and more interested in , regarding the generosity aspect . My desire to have money is one to subsidize to my own needs and desires . Besides, I truly love educating myself on Money . In fact, I am always careful to see if there is not a better option and surprisingly there is always one !

When you are carefull and educated about money , you allow yourself to live bigger ! Now I am not talking about being a billionaire because lets face it we are never shown the behind the scènes of it and I am not sure that I want to go that extreme but , living comfortably is now a must . Not to mention , that our health issues are rather expensive even though I am still grateful to have this wonderful french system which is cheaper than in the US for instance !

Finally, I don’t want money to divide my family , I want every one to be able to live in harmony and without that much worries which take up a lot of mental energy . My Parents started from Rags to Riches and now that they are more comfortable they have issue to learn to my brothers how to be conscious with money whereas I know perfectly the value of money because as the older sister of two brother , I perfectly remember , how hard it was back then but how united we were through the struggle. So I don’t know if money is rather toxic for us or not because when I think about my brothers’ way of spending money it makes me cringe but I definetly think that we do need some to avoid all-nighters.

So my intention is to find my balance but mainly to be grateful of what I have and be careful around money in order to live live on my own terms.

Congrats if you made it up to here ! it was a longer post and thanks for reading !



Enjoy 🙂

Mary jokes 😉



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