Intentional Living and Positivity 03!

Hey my Mj’s! Happy Sunday ! Today’s post is in my series Intentional living (monday Sunday) : we are going to cover Positivity. Infact, being positive is not as easy as it seems and it is a constant struggle , especially when we have those hurricanes in our lives that might bring up so much bitterness , anger or sadness.

However, Choosing positivity over Negativity  is life-changing . Once you realise that complaining or being mean won’t drive you anywhere , you start to shift your eyes towards LOVE .

Besides, choosing positivity might also mean , choosing to NOT add up to the gossiping or to refuse to judge someone « by the cover » , or to find joy in everything and be grateful for everything and being kind and nice to others .

Positivity and Intentional Living are truly complementary as they work together . Personally Intentional Living also means choosing and choosing the best option possible for a better world and to grow as well .

Come on my Mj’s ! I know you can be angels of Positivity bringing light into the world !


Mary Jokes;)



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