Feeling lonely as a content Creator or blogger?

Hey my Mj’s ! Today I wanted to tackle a secret topic , and no one truly expresses it . Indeed let’s delve into Loneliness as a content Creator .

In fact , blogging is amazing , you get to talk about Something you are passonate about or interested in . Besides, you can have a voice and it is quite thought provoking .

However, The feeling of loneliness is still here and Sometimes we also feel unworthy . In fact, the global aim is often time to connect with you guys but the Truth is that unless you have the comments box juicing of comments ,  or likes on your posts , you feel rather lonely.

Moreover, like in fitness there is a particular way of seeing the world and we tend to assign blame to those who have a 9 to 5 job, but the real issue of blogging is the lack of rules because we create the rules . Nevertheless, it is up to us to create those opportunities and get out of our comfort zone , go to some events or even organize some on your own .Collaboration is for instance an amazing way to feel more connected! We can also talk to each over through email or in the comment box below and there is no reason that we should suffer in silence ! Tell me in the comments what you feel about this issue and if it resonates with you as well ! Let’s grow , create the moves and share together !



Mary Jokes;)



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