Thumbs up my dear 34 !

Hey my Mj’s! First of all I want to say thaat I am immensely grateful: for my 50 Mj’s ! and to those of you;  who are new to the Mary Jokes Family Welcome my Mj’s !!So today as each wenesday it is Thumbs up my dear which is a selection of my 10 favorites of the WEEK ! How cool is that , So without further ado , let’s dive in!

1-Using social media to connect with my  whole familly and friends in depth AND  share my message , or make a diference in the world rather than  falling in the comparison trap!

2- Homemade iced tea  with : lov organic infusion from Kusmi Tea ! especially the peach , apricot , hibiscus one !


3-Kiarna Jayne videos

4-Cucumber water in a mason jar AND grated cucumber : soo fresh and yummy!







5-MSNBC Video on zero waste !

6-Jonh MaxwellCO videos

7-Do less book and the more of less book /audiobook

do-less-9781440573637_hr (1)

8-The body shop kit of moringa : showel gel , handcream and body butter <3<3<3


9-Connecting with bloggers and people all around the world !

10-the WordPress feature to make your images in circle shapes !soo cute !







Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)



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