Life experiences : 12 tips to deal with chronic illness, chronic fatigue or pain the best way possible !

Hey my Mj’s ! This post is the most special and vulnerable , I have posted so far but I am living a real challenge with my illness and I thought that I can help or inspire others through my experience . So here are 12 tips to help you out my friends ,but remember you are not alone you are  fighters : keep shining  beautiful !

But before I dive in I want to send a huge shout-out to my friend Krystie Vargas and her Facebook group Limonade for the World which has been and still is  Gold !

1- spend your energy on the things that are the most important and valuable or matter to you first thing , for me it is God first as well as my family , myself and blogging !
2- don’t spare your energy with people that don’t deserve it or are giving you their bad energy therefore it is crucial to choose your environment wisely and have a strong support system to encourage you to fight !
3- reward yourself and celebrate your small wins because you might not be able to do as much as some people do but you have your own merit or victories and they matter
4- when you spend quality time with people who matter to you , make sure you stay present.Somtimes a shot of pure joy is all you need to forget about your circumstances
5- don’t over anticipate and let the magic of life come in , in other words :   don’t fall in the it’s gonna be land creating false stories about your futur hard time
6- Organize your life to be able to take care of you the best way possible

7- healing is a mysterious creature let time be your friend patience , self-compassion, humour and gratitude are key
8- acknowledging that we have our own rhythm and there is no need to compare with others nor to reinforce and build up new insecurities
9-raise our awareness on the good points of our illness and the fact that we develop new qualities
10- doctors are not super-heros but they are awesome helpers, we do need to be our own super-heros when it comes to our own health and it is thereby crucial to listen to our body constantly and give it credit or take it seriously !
11- find distractions when you’re suffering, share with your relatives and help others
12- rest time is precious, stillness might not be something big of a deal but it  absolutly shapes our healing process . Learn to accept your  current state and the fact that you might be off right now ; but you’re a fighter and everything you do to stay positive  is Gold !

Much love beautiful , you will find your rhythm ; it might be tough right now ,but look we are breathing together at this very moment , don’t hesitate to contact me if needed 😉 , God bless you  and don’t be in your silent suffering . We can help each over through mutual Healing ;and remember , you matter to me beautiful ❤

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes;)



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