Intentional living and Friendships 01 ! 10 questions to reflect on them!

Hey my Mj’s ! Today, I am starting those series Intentional living ; and I wanted to start with friendships !

In fact, Our environment is determinant and we should not only choose wisely but aim at maintaining them and strive for growth !

Have you ever wondered why your Friendships had failed in the past

Often time we forgot to learn those lessons thinking , it is not the futur it is ourpast but the Truth is once you learn from your past expériences you will improve your current ones.

So here are some questions you might want to ask yourself and triggers of failing relationship

1- What am I doing at the moment to improve them?

2- How do I communicate in my relationships, what need to be improved?

3- WHat are the boundaries I have set so far ?Am I happy in this friendship?

4- Do I choose empaphy and perspective over narrow mindness? What am I expecting from my frienships or  what are my essentials ?

5- Are my relationships respecting my values?Am I respected for instance ?

6- Is this Relationship  still valuable? Do I have enough time for my relationships and how do I make time for them weekly  ?

7- what choices could I make everyday  to ensure thriving relationships?

8- Am I grateful enough for my existant relationships and how do I  cherrish them?

9- Am I in a co-dependant Relationship , is this friendship balanced?

10- Am I a people pleaser or highly sensitive person and how my past relationships show me the cracks and weaknesses that I need to concentrate on?


Mary Jokes;)





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