Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your pain !

Hey my Mj’s ! Today I am going to Paris , but before I go I wanted to send you a message : Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your pain of these  life experiences.

Indeed, sometimes we don’t want to focus on our darkest times but they can bring us the best lessons .

A break-up  or loss for instance can be something we want to forget but the truth is that the moment we decide to crack open our hearts and let it all flow ,we discover unexpected  gifts . For instance, it might reveal that we are highly sensitive or perhaps that we are too jaleous because we let our past get into our present . All these emotions though they are tough ,are invaluable resources and help us  know ourselves better .

Sometimes it might be hard to face those secret fears that make us feel insecure : around friends .For instance when we feel not comfortable enough, to share these or that we feel disconnected from our group of friends, due to the lack of these deep and meaningful conversations allowing mutual healing.

Sometimes , we feel that the entire world is playing a game ,that we don’t understand because we don’t have the rules . Those feeling are absolutly valid . However , you need to find the right friends with whom  you can share these because diving into our pain is something absolutly pivotal towards healing , So my Mj’s do not deny your pain and the nuggets of wisdom contained in it !






Mary Jokes;)



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