Empowered self 05: Be aware of your repetitive patterns or transfer!

Hey my Mj’s ! How are you ? Today I wanted to talk about; Something I have learned and realised over the years ,and it is to : Be aware of your repetitive patterns or transfer !

In fact, every day we behave a certain way and sometimes you might be caught up ,in a bad spiral that does not resonate with you ! For instance, when you abandon someone because you ‘ve felt or have been abandoned somehow . This example is particularly interesting because we are often aware when we feel abandoned and especially when we reproduce this pattern onto people that we genuienly care about . Therefore, this dominoes effect or reversed Mirror is truly to be taken seriously

Consequently , I mean that , if you’ve been hurt does not mean you have to hurt others ,  and the same goes with being spoken bad words ; or even being bullied or not considered.Besides, because you felt a lack of love does not mean you have to stop giving love or even if you are heartbroken does not mean no one should be happy or in love or that you have to break theirs.

The good news is we can all improve by increasing our mindfullness practice .  Moreover, it can help us to  learn from what we have been through and deal with it and take the lessons from it .Besides , when we put kindness out in the universe we will recieve 10 times more and it can help us heal whereas if we continue this chain of pain ,where is the lesson ?

In addition, I personally found it truly handy when it comes to the other way around . The Truth is when somewhere behaves weirdly or in a manner that we are not used to and feel like it is not justified or their behavor is rude ; we can then take a step back and ask ourselves : does it stems from a real feeling or is it Something that the person is tranferring on us because she has been through specific expériences and does not know how do deal with this hot potato called pain .

Now don’t get me wrong , it takes practice but it is really empowering when you come to terms with the fact that we can control how we react to things and behave accordingly.Therfore, Having a  good behavior  is our duty!

So we can can choose empaphy and communication or immediatly create a drama and avoid the nugget of wisdom in those life-expériences .It is up to you my Mj’s !



Mary Jokes;)




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