My Life-experience :Singing for a wedding , letting go of fears and focusing on the aim instead!

Hey my Mj’s! ^^So, as you saw in the title, I am going to sing for a wedding tomorrow . For many of you that might be super scary , ok it is a little but I am looking forward to it !

In fact, I often sing for weddings or even do concerts with my chorus and so tomorrow I will sing  : Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley solo for the entry of the couple !

This life-experience makes me think of the same fears as Public-speakers , in fact it is quite the same apart from the dresses and location obvously  but there is the same feeling of butterflies and fear of jugement  and this ego playing crazy in our heads but Here my tip for you is: Focus on the aim

For instance , for me the aim is that the couple has a wonderful  ,and memorable ceremony! To surround them with love and make them feel on a beautiful cloud !

Now appling this to public speaking , you aim might be to tell your story , to send a message , to inform them or make them react but ultimatly , you want them to feel better compared to when they ‘ve arrived and it is exactly the same with my life-experience of tomorrow !

Much love my Mj’s!




Mary Jokes;)





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