Empowered self04: Celebrate your uniqueness , embrace your weirdness !

Hey my Mj’s ! Today let’s carry on with these empowered self series !I hope you Love them as much as I do . Today’s message is :Celebrate your uniqueness, embrace your weirdness!Indeed , How long are you going to hide your true self just to fit in ?

You are awesome as you are !! Your uniqueness and weirdness are actually your best strengths !

If everyone iq going a certain way , doesn’t mean you have fo follow it if you don’t want it deep down in your core !

We are all human therefore flawed and everyone has its special spark to bring to the table !

For instance I used to hide my creativity and free spirit just to appear as normal !The Truth is that I am creative and yes Ilove colors and I am done withg being normal , just to fit in ther tiny boxes or labels !

Living ou lives fully also means freeing ourselves from all these burdens of social pressure

Don’t be ashamed of being weird ! That’s AWESOME!!

If you feel that you can’t be yourself with your friends for nstance switch them because life is too short to live it shallowy! Come on my Mj’s ! don’t be ashamed to be yourself !!


Mary Jokes;)



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