Self-discovery : Don’t beat yourself up !


Hey my Mj’s! How are you ? Would you tell me more about you , what you are specifically working on, about yourself , at the moment and your current mood in the comment section below ? I would love to know .

Today, we are going to talk  about : the shadows of self-discovery. Indeed, as life goes by we discover new treasures , encounter new challenges and dilemma .However, the true beauty of self-discovery , is in the variations and hues that goes with it .

Today you might be facing a real challenge ,wondering : how am I going to get through this again ? or start all over again and face my giants ? So , you might beat yourself up thinking about all the reasons you are not There yet and I understand how dIsheartening It can be !

However …


My message for you is that :  on your Journey towards self-discovery , you might encounter some curveballs along the way but the true gift dwells into the experience. As a matter of fact, the more you develop a sense of resilience,love and kindness towards yourself the better you will be able to handle all these setbacks and dissapointments and keep moving forward !

Sometimes we tend to compare ourselves, and trust me I have been There too , but the moment we forgive ourselves and give ourselves space to  not only : fail or have setbacks but also to celebrate our uniqueness and go one step at a time  then we unlock the magic of this wonderful adventure.

So my Mj’s! Don’t aim at having all figured it out right now ,instead:  enable yourself to take a step back and be patient enough  to see the sparkles of your life shine !


Beautiful , wipe these tears , I know you  might be hurting right now but remember : you are not alone , you are significant and matter to me ! I am here at this very moment  breathing with you  ; everything will be fine ! You have so much more to offer , than these  tears to the world, come on !! Much love 


Mary Jokes;)



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