High vibes thuesday 04: Treat yourself and treat others as well +8 ways !


Hey my Mj’s, High vibes thuesday ! YAY ! Today let’s talk about treating yourself and treating others ,Indeed,the joy of giving either to yourself or to others is always a wonderful experience !

In fact, Treating ourselves might seem as basic but it does wonders ! Here are some examples !

1buying yourself fresh flowers once in a while or a new book, bedspreeds or throw pillow

2-cooking a delicious meal for yourself while listenning to your favorite song or podcast

3doing Nothing and eventually sit on a chair

4discovering your gifts

5taking care of yourself body mind and soul such as pampering yourself , meditate or journaling for instance

6 doing more of what makes you happy especially what you used to do

7allow yourself to express your emotions and give your opinion

8 learn to receive praise appropriately

The same goes with treating others !

you could:

1-send a thank you card or cute message or even to support your friends and tell them that they are not alone and you care for them

2help them to do some heavy task on their plate

3cook for them

4actually listen to what they are saying

5celebrate their small wins

6go encourage them for Something they love to do

7 keep the link , be kind and compassionate

8- allow them to be fully themselves when they are with you !

So my Mj’s ! I hope it has inspired you to do a little bit more for yourself and for others and to choose joy ,raising your vibration and making of this world a better place for you and others !

Enjoy 🙂

Mary Jokes 😉






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