Allow yourself to be fully present +6 tips !

Hey my Mj’s ! Happy monday ,How are you ?So stop whatever you are doing right There :  Breathe deeply with 3 big belly breaths ,inhale .. and exhale , Relax ; focus on this moment, because it’s the only one you do have !  Let go of your negative  thoughts and feelings   like the wave of the ocean come and go ; and tune in, Are you ready ? OKay, enough rambling! So ,Today’s message is to allow yourself to be fully present !

In fact, It is pretty self-explainatory but it is immensely usefull. Not only does it give you the opportunity to Enjoy each expériences to a whole new level but it gives you the freedom to focus on one thing at a time and maximize your memory building system !

Why would we make the choice to be present when we can be the king of the multitasking  ?

well, many  studies show that a monotasker is way more efficient than a multitasker !What is more , you don’t want to regret your life-expériences because you weren’t fully present ; such as a moment with your relatives while they are still with you or an occasion to avoid an unnecessary argument or to miss the richness of an adventure simply because your head was wandering and not focused on the task at hand!

Amongst the most successful people a common theme is the importance of being present

You don’t want your life to go by , without enjoying any precious moments of it !

Whether you are in the futur , thinking of your next meeting or in the past wondering about your previous interview you are now in the « here and now » in this present moment !

Now as I am working on this point too , here are my personnal tips to allow yourself to be fully present !

1- Journal and use note pads or note apply on your phone

2- Keep a calendar and organize everything , thus avoiding to be distracted by a foggy mind , Communication is also key as you all know (yes now you have to apply it )!

3- Be aware of your thoughts and come back in the present moment by asking yourself what atmosphere do I want to live in the room , is it joy , compassion or is it emptiness or boredom

4- Clean your space and have a cleanning routine so that you won’t let those thoughts get into the way

5- Be aware when you complain by comparison :  of what you should be doing , but are not doing . It is typically  the case , when you are not working, and sit on a couch with your treat ; feeling guilty about your non-productivity : focus on five senses  and on your breath !

6- Ask yourself , what hidden treasure can be discovered in the situation I am in !

Now don’t get me wrong , I am not claiming that these are easy or should be done overnight , remember that it is a work in progress and that we can all improve from where we are at the moment !

So beautiful , it’s up to you to switch it all up !Love your imperfections, and stay present !




Mary Jokes;)






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