Learning from our darknesses !

Hey my Mj’s!

Today let’s talk about our darknesses and shadows .

You are not perfect and we all have those tough times in life , where we are wondering how to find the light .I want you to believe in your own powers and the universe’s power , I want you to realise that you are beautiful as you are and what if you don’t fall facing social pressure or don’t fit in their tiny boxes ! Be proud of who you are and what you have been through or is going through !

I am working on being grateful of my darknesses and see the light in the dark as the  dark side of a yin yang!This pure expression of yourself when you are at your lowest and lessons learned from your life expériences are invaluable !

I have learned my greatest lessons on ambition , kindness, patience , joy ,gratitude and god’s amazing grace  when I was at my lowest!

I also became aware of self-expectations and silent boundaries with myself !

I think wherever we are right now , we can start this Journey of looking in the Mirror and redefining ourselves or our aims and start loving ourselves unconditionnally , even when we feel like less than a perfect version of ourselves  and feel frustrated about it! It is time to release all those expectations and start to shine authentically and unapologetically!


Mary Jokes;)



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