How to slow down in this fast-paced world!

Hey My Mj’s ! Today I wanted to share my thoughts with you around slowing down.

The truth is I have been resisting it for so many years !

Not only because I was ans still from times to time speak super fast but because It is actually beneficial!

So what slowing down means nowadays , where everything goes so fast (see I ‘m kinda trendy there and I guess so do you) and everyone seem to run aimlessly .

Infact you have to acknowledge social pressure , Indeed, because everyone is running does not mean we have to do it too !

You are responsible for your own well-being , health , joy, wealth and attitude!

Slowing down might be taking the time to take a tea with your friends and have truthful and meanningful conversations

It might also mean that things aren’t that big of a deal, to relax ,reflect and to take a step back

Slowing down might mean to ask yourself on things and developping your interests on a deeper level

Slowing down might mean getting off of social media for a week or more and taking the time to be grateful

Slowing down might mean eating more slowly and actually enjoy and taste the food in our mouth and be more mindfull on what we put in our bodies

Slowing down might me witnessing over reacting and trying to put ourselves in other people’s shoes

Slowing down might mean feeling our emotions by journaling

Slowing down might mean taking the decency to maintain good manners

It might also mean to be more authentic and express our feeling in our relationships

It might be a glance at the mirror and taking the time to replace negative patterns by positive affirmations

Yes this repetition was intentional we have to Slow down sometimes ,in order  to, honor the life we have been  given  !

or taking the time to understand ourselves, know ourselves and spend time with God

So myMj’s ! I encourage you to sloooooow dowwwwn and comment in the box below your thoughts and feelings about it 😉 but more importantly to take the time to be present and open your heart to others and to yourself !Choose Empaphy!


Mary jokes;)



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